Mary Lundeen: Contemporary abstract paintings


Mary was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has been painting since 1968.

She grew up on the rolling hills of a peach and apple orchard in Perry County, Pennsylvania. It was the perfect environment to see and experience the wonder and forces of nature. As a result, she has developed a painting style that allows her to experience that same wonder and excitement as she develops each piece.

Mary's painting style is that of "action painting: or "gestural abstraction" in which the paint is applied to the paper or canvas as the subconscious mind wills, thus allowing the unconscious part of the psyche to express itself.

To Mary, the experience of applying paint to the paper is seductive.

"The direction for each of my paintings begins with the process of touching the paper or canvas with paint and brush. Ideas for color palette and composition are derived from patterns and color relationships in nature and images from places near and far.

Throughout the process of painting, I rely on what has already happened on the paper or canvas to lead me to the next step using color relationships, line, space and texture".

Mary currently lives and works in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area.